Welcome to Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Jintian uprising scenic spot in Guiping

Brief Introduction of the Scenic Area

Jintian Uprising Scenic Area of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery is located in the western side ofJintianVillage, Jintian Town of Guiping City, which is 28 kilometers away from downtown. Jintian Uprising Ruins is one of the first batch of national important culture relic protection sites and classic national scenic area of revolution tourism which include historical sites of Ancient Camp, Parade Ground, Rhino Pond andMuseumofJintian Uprisingwith momentum. The ruins has deep-seated historical and cultural deposits as well as important value of scientific research, which is considered as one of Guiping’s, even Guangxi’s major supportive projects of revolution tourism. The scenic area takes historic culture of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom as its theme; emphasis relics protection, cultural relic exhibition and tourism, so as to become an integrated tourist destination of cultural study of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, history experience, recreation and patriotism education.

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